Friday, June 20, 2008

Praise Reports
From Robert Frizzell (Asia):

Golden Triangle
57 souls baptized in water at Maisat this week. These people are animist of the Lahu Tribe.

18 people received the Holy Ghost and they were baptized in the name of Jesus in January. One elderly lady who was blind was taught the gospel, repented, was baptized and came out of the water speaking in tongues and received her sight.

In February
Revival services: 145 received the Holy Ghost and 11 were baptized in the name of Jesus. There were 360 people for each service.

Many of the people testified that they were healed but they do not have the medical knowledge or language to specify to exactness of their healing – they were just healed! Praise the Lord!

10 ladies received the Holy Ghost in a women’s seminar in Phnom Penh. Gayle Frizzell and Heidi King (California) taught the ladies during the day and Chad King, Pastor in Santa Rosa Ca preached the evangelistic services.

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