Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Kindly pray for Bro. Dillip Das.

He got an accident last night on the way home from his office. The accident happened when he got down from the bus, we still do not know what happened.

God who is a good God never leaves His children alone, when Bro. Dillip was lying unconscious on the street, blood came out both from his mouth and his ear, a big crowd was gathering surround him, but no one dared or cared enough to help him, we don’t know how long he was lying there on the street.

Something unusual was happening, Sis. Supriya and one brother was having tea just nearby, this is not their habit to have tea together, they just happened to be there, I think God has placed them there on purpose.

When this brother had left home and Sis. Supriya was about to get into the bus, she saw the crowd just on the side of the road, she normally ignores the crowd, but this time there was an urge in her heart to go there and take a look.

There, she saw Bro. Dillip lying unconsciously on the road. She immediately called for help and also informed Bro. Dillip’s family, some of the people tried to hinder her as they said that this might be a police case, but there were 2 boys who tried to help her.

They took him to the nursing home nearby. There the doctor took some scans on him to see what was wrong with him, the doctor thought there might be an internal injury and suggested them to take him to a bigger hospital, so they took him to ICU in Apollo Hospital.

Right now the bleeding from his nose and ear has stopped but he is still unconscious.

Please pray for him that God will heal him.

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