Thursday, January 31, 2008

Prayer Requests

From John Hopkins (RD, Central America/Caribbean):
Please remember Lynne Jewett (Guatemala) and Brad Thompson (Guatemala) in prayer.

Also, please remember Bro. Brad Thompson in prayer. He has a severe virus and just can't seem to get over it and really needs a touch from the Lord.

From Ed Hosmer (Japan):
Please pray for eight-year-old Stephanie Mawuli and my Uncle Ken.

Stephanie Mawuli, eight-year old daughter of Sister Francisca, diagnosed of cancer in the cheek bone, hospitalized and undergoing treatment for some months now, suddenly the doctors have declared that they are not sure how to proceed. We believe it is time for the Lord to take over.

Please Pray for Bro. Hosmer's uncle Ken.

Praise Reports

From Lynne Jewett (Guatemala):
I want to thank everyone that prayed for me on Friday. I was in the O.R. for 45 minutes waiting for the anesthesiologist to arrive. Everyone thought it strange that she was late, because she had never been late before. The surgeons, nurses, etc. were all there waiting for me to be put to sleep. Since I was laying down flat, in a cold room for a good 30 minutes, it really affected my breathing. I finally had to sit up to try and stop the coughing. When the anesthesiologist came in, she heard me coughing. She knew immediately, just by the sound of my breathing, that there was no way she could put me to sleep. If she had not been late, I would not have been coughing and she would have put me to sleep. Later, even the lung specialist said that at the very least I would have woken up in Intensive Care on a ventilator, IF they were able to get me to breath at all. It could have been fatal. It was nothing short of a miracle that I did not have the surgery. Keep me in your prayers. Again . . . thanks to all who lifted my name up in prayer.

From Ed and Mary Simmons (Thailand):
We thank God for 35 people being baptized and over 200 claiming their own Holy Ghost baptism at the Thai National Conference in Thailand. Brother and Sister Bruce Howell were in attendance to preach and dedicate the Billy Cole Tabernacle. This tabernacle seats approximately 2000 people. There were over 800 in attendance at the conference.

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