Friday, January 25, 2008

Prayer Requests

From Jim and Pat Hall (VFMA: Africa):
Please pray for our daughter, Melissa Hall Harris.

Our youngest daughter (Melissa Harris-pastors wife in Arlington, Texas) saw an oncologist this morning and they are going to have to do extensive surgery on both sides of her face to remove fast acting cancers, on the fourth of February.

The surgeon is telling her that she will most likely have nerve problems in her face as a result. After surgery, they are planning to do radiation.

Please join my family in prayer that we will have nothing less than a miracle. Thank you!

From Dan Davis (South Africa):
Please pray for Johannesburg, South Africa and the saints in the area.

It has rained in the Johannesburg area for nearly 10 days without stopping. Although we need the rain, there is widespread flooding and some of the people of our church have water standing in the houses. Please ask people to pray for the safety of those who are flooded.

From Stanley Scism (South Asia/United Kingdom):
Continue to pray for the persecuted Christians in Orissa, India

Persecution of Christians in Orissa continues and escalates: four ministers were burned alive. More than sixty churches have been destroyed. More than two hundred Christians are missing (Hindus who kill Christians frequently try to hide the evidence).

Please pray Christians will be:

a. safe, so they can continue telling people about Jesus
b. brave, so they will continue telling people about Jesus
c. anointed, so signs and miracles will convince Hindus that Jesus is the Creator come to earth to save them.

We've seen this persecution before--when it happens, more people follow Jesus.

It was said in the ante-Nicean church that, for every martyr who died, ten people came to Christ. One reason: Christians loved each other so much that even a pagan philosopher grudgingly complimented them for this.

Please pray for the family of Francis Munsey, former missionary to Japan.

Sister Munsey passed Monday evening, January 21, 2008. Her funeral will be 1:00 p.m., Saturday, January 26, 2008, at Cornerstone Church of College Station, in College Station, TX, Douglas Utermark.

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