Thursday, January 31, 2008

Prayer Requests

From Jim and Karen Crumpacker (Kenya):
Please pray for Kenya and an end to the civil unrest.

From Vickie Richardson (Regional Prayer Coordinator, Africa):
Please pray for Roy Well (Furlough Replacement).

From John Hopkins (RD, Central America/Caribbean):
Please pray for the Paul Rivero family (Costa Rica)

From Linda Reed (Middle East):
Please pray for the soldiers in Iraq.

Praise Reports

From Steve Bennett (Gulf States):
I am thankful to report that when they took my mother into the operating room and undertook the surgical procedure this past week they found only a small speck of what may have been a blockage and that NEW veins had grown a NEW PATH GOING AROUND it! She went home later that evening!

From Karl and Mary Smith (South Africa/Regional Evangelism):
Two local churches report baptizing a total of 37 people in December. In a local church in Cape Town one lady was healed of tuberculosis and another was healed of HIV after being baptized in Jesus name. Both of these healings have been confirmed by medical tests. To God be the glory.

From Lonnie James Burton (Venezuela):

Last year on deputation we saw 128 people receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and 25 baptized in Jesus’ name. We have also seen many repent of their sins and miracles.

From Steven Andrus (Benin):
Forty-five people received the Holy Ghost during the Benin national conference where 800-900 attended nightly. At a recent crusade 10 received the Holy Ghost and as a result a new church has been planted in the north of Togo.

From Vickie Richardson (Regional Prayer Coordinator, Africa):
In the church in Moshupa, Botswana, six people complete the new converts class and five receive the Holy Ghost in a Holy Ghost service.

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