Friday, January 11, 2008

Prayer Requests

From John Hopkins (RD, Central America/Caribbean):

Please remember Gary Landaw’s father and nephew in prayer.

If you could, please remember to pray for my Father who is not doing well at all. His heart is out of rhythm, and he has not been able to breathe well.

This morning, my nephew is having emergency surgery on his pancreas.—Gary Landaw

From Stanley Scism (South Asia/United Kingdom):

Please pray for Christians in India undergoing persecution from Hindu activists who have already burned 11 churches in India and killed people so far uncounted. Several ministers who attended a seminar on Jesus name baptism back in July have been killed.

This violence started in Orissa state, and now spreads to Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and other states of India as Hindu activists hear about the violence in Orissa and try to do the same thing in their state.

Bro Tsathvu Thuvuri, who leads churches in Kanpur District, where 26 churches are now with 2000 people, and where 98 Hindu priests have come to Jesus Christ, could not go to his church meeting, and was turned back due to violence in the streets on this exact subject--trying to shut down or destroy churches and kill Christians.

Your brothers and sisters in India need prayer for:
a. safety
b. courage to keep telling people Jesus Christ saves
c. anointing for signs and wonders to follow them and show people the message is true--that Jesus Christ is the one true God come down to earth for humanity

From Jerry Richardson (RD, Africa):

Please pray for MK Melissa Hall Harris.

Melissa Harris had a growth removed from her jaw and found out yesterday that it is malignant.

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