Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Luxembourg Missions Report

Greetings from Luxembourg In the Name of Jesus! 

It is so powerful to see evidence that God is everywhere, at all times, and is in control of everything. Recently, my wife and I were praying against spiritual opposition in Luxembourg and our whole family became ill. We all had fever, were nauseous, and were dizzy. We continued to pray under these conditions in spite of the fact that we were getting physically weak. On the fourth day something broke. Our fevers were gone, the nausea and dizziness left and we felt breakthrough. What we didn’t know was there was an apostolic church in Bogota, Colombia being persecuted and attacked by guerrilla troops that caused the church to disband. One particular family, on the ministry team there, told us their story how the Lord protected them enabling them to flee the country. Then, God led them to Luxembourg!

Jhon, Francie, and their son, Samuel (pictured above) made it safely to Luxembourg. We connected with them and offered them help. Jhon was the assistant pastor of the church they had fled and are both very gifted musicians as well. We started a Spanish Bible study. About the same time Dina Montoya (also pictured above in glasses) also came to Luxembourg from Colombia. We later learned Francie and Dina had grown up together and gone to school together but had not seen each other in years. They were reunited in Luxembourg and now worship together every week.

In a country where the official languages are Luxembourgish, French and German, we now have a Spanish home group as well. The Lord is putting all the pieces together to reach this nationally diverse country.

In His Service,

Jeremy & Khrista Favors

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