Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Intercessors: Finland & Iceland

It's a new season and no, we're not talking about spring! We are excited to share just a few of the things that God has done so far this year!

But first, we want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have faithfully read our reports, responded via email at times, and continued to pray even though our schedule got busy and you didn't hear from us for awhile. Last month, we culled our contact database and removed well over 1000 people who had lost interest over time. Rather than feeling down, we were thrilled to see that over 1200 people regularly take part in prayer for Finland and Iceland. That is a BIG DEAL to us. When we say that we could not do "what we do" without you, we truly mean it.

Your prayers matter, no matter how short or how long, for each one goes before the Throne and Jesus hears every word! Thank you for praying with - and for - us!


FINLAND: Over the last few months, some things occurred that confirmed the beginning of a "new
season" in Helsinki. As is typical in ministry, all we could do was wait! We weren't sure exactly how this new season would manifest itself but we know that God always has a plan. On the first and last Sundays of January, first-time visitors walked through the door and into our service! Both had previously experienced Acts 2:38 salvation and in February, one of them was gloriously refilled with the Holy Spirit! We have experienced a greater flow of the Spirit and an obvious change in outward participation. The Lord has spoken on multiple occasions and said, "Watch and see what I will do." We are waiting and watching with bated breath! We are also praying for the Lord to send us people who have a history with Oneness beliefs. Will you pray with us? We've asked the Lord to add 10 to the Helsinki congregation in 2019!

In Turku, they have recently met several brand-new families! The Venturas are actively looking for a meeting place, as their home is not adequate when everyone attends service. Pastor Jun is teaching Bible studies to multiple families, and we are praying that the revelation of Truth will be received through the teaching of the Word.

PRAYER ANSWERED: For months, we have been praying about Joshua Ventura's residence permit application, and we received word this week that the permit has been approved! Praise God! The Ventura family asked that we pass their thankfulness on to all of you; they deeply appreciate your prayers.

Pictured: (top) refilling of the Holy Spirit; (bottom) HBS with a millenial

Reaching Finland
Finnish News

ICELAND: Due to economic issues that are causing multiple strikes and ongoing, monthly disruptions to public services, travel into Iceland has been put on hold for the foreseeable future. We are trusting God's perfect timing; He never fails!

PRAYER REQUEST: For our newly appointed AIM, the Tyrel and Kenda Butler family, who have a deep burden for the country of Iceland. The Butlers have a dual AIM appointment to Finland/Iceland, which will assist them in receiving on-field training. Once the initial term is completed, they will begin working towards being on-site in Iceland. Prior to their entry into global missions, Tyrel was a home missions pastor; he also formerly served as the Youth President of Hawaii.

Iceland desperately needs a full-time presence. Last October, we met this couple in Reykjavik and experienced their burden first-hand. We believe that God intends to expand the Kingdom of God through their efforts. Tyrel and Kenda are in the process of raising their Finland budget and need Partners in Missions. Should you desire to help on a monthly basis, we have provided two ways to do so. You can also use the provided PIM form for a one-time donation. Thank you in advance for praying with the Butlers about their future in missions!

Enroll as a PIM.

Reaching Iceland
Icelandic News

Prayer Focus

We are hosting the 2019 Nordic Conference in Helsinki on July 10-12. Our team started planning two years ago and now, it's coming to fruition! We are very excited about the spiritual impact that it will have on our city! We are praying:
*For preparatory work and conference budget: We are beginning to develop plans for strategic prayer walks that will begin in April. Loose wisdom and virtue; ask God to send angels to inhabit the places where we pray, whether walking or driving. Bind all spiritual opposition on every front. Country exposure with a regional conference is a great tool but it's also a very costly one. We are trusting the Lord to provide what is needed. Loose the finances that God has appointed for this event, which will expose our work to literally hundreds of Finns in the capital city of Helsinki. Bind every obstacle that would block the flow of resources.
*For good health: On March 27, Glenda was diagnosed with a viral lung infection and the doctor has again recommended "rest and recovery." (In February, we were both ill for the better part of the month. The enemy is trying hard to slow us down because he's very afraid of what he feels in the Spirit. GOD is GREATER!) Loose healing and restoration, physical strength. Bind infirmity and all destructive plans/devices of the enemy.

The 2019 Team

Mark and Glenda Alphin - Senior Pastor
Johannes and Candace Lindholm (AIM) - Helsinki (Candace, Pastor; Johannes, Deacon)
Jun and Joyce Ventura - Turku (Jun, Pastor)

Arriving in June
Philip and Amy Sword (AIM) - The Swords will arrive mid-June, for 2.5 months, to help with conference and follow-up; they are still raising a separate budget to bring them here for an extended term.
Heather Teer (AIM) - She is returning for almost 2 months and will help with the conference. Heather is in the process of raising her budget.

Watch! Stand fast in the faith! 
Be men! Be strong!
(1 Corinthians 16:13)

Valvokaa, pysykää lujina uskossa,
olkaa miehuulliset, olkaa väkevät.
(Ensimmäinen kirje korinttilaisille 16:13)

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