Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Luxembourg Prayer Points

The Nation Of Luxembourg 

Founded in 963 AD, is a small  landlocked country in western Europe. It is bordered by Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east, and France to the south. Luxembourg is one of three European Union (EU) capitals and seat of European Union institutions and international enterprises.

It is an international banking nation with extreme wealth giving it the
highest GDP per capita in the world. There are just over 600,000 people in the country with about 150,000 in the nation’s capital - Luxembourg City. Their government is a constitutional monarchy with Grand Duke Henri as “Head Of State.” Luxembourg is “officially neutral in matters of religion” but 87% of the population is Roman Catholic while the other 13% are made up of Protestants, Orthodox Christians, Jews, Muslims, and those of other or no religion. 

The Prayer Points 

1. Plead the Blood Of Jesus over Luxembourg City (the capital) and the country of Luxembourg.
2. Claim the entire nation of Luxembourg for the name of Jesus.
3. Pray that it would become easy for people to receive truth.
4. Prepare people’s hearts to receive and obey the Gospel.
5. Take authority and dominion over every spirit that would try to prevent God’s will from being done - in individuals’ lives, in the cities and the nation.
6. Declare the right of every individual to be free from the influence of Satan - from ALL spiritual darkness, rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places, and ALL evil principalities and powers.
7. Pray that Mighty Angels be dispatched to bind the Prince of the cities/nation. 
8. Declare freedom and liberty for the nation in the name of Jesus Christ.
9. Pray that Guardian Angels be sent to guide & protect new converts, children, elderly, and those doing Kingdom work.
10.Pray that Ministering Angels be sent to minister to the needs of those doing Kingdom work. 
11.Pray that Elect Angles be sent to minister to the needs of the Church - souls, finances, influence, etc. 
12.Pray that Archangels be sent to reveal EndTime revelation, to remind people of the coming of the LORD, and the urgency of the hour.
13.Pray that Cherubims be sent to reveal and protect God’s holiness in Luxembourg.
14.Pray that Seraphims be dispatched to bring restoration, revival and salvation.
15.Bind every evil spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.
16.Bind the Spirit of Fear that causes people to be untrusting, doubtful, causes unbelief, nightmares, heart attacks, anxiety and stress, torment. Loose the Spirit of Love, Power & Sound Mind.
17.Bind the Perverse Spirit that causes people to have a wounded spirit, causes evil actions, doctrinal error, chronic worry, perverting the Word of God, pornography, sexual perversions, filthy-mindedness, abortion, and atheism. Loose an Excellent Spirit in the name of Jesus.
18.Bind the Spirit of Jealousy that causes murder, revenge/spitefulness, divisions, strife, contentions, extreme competitiveness, hate, anger/rage, and jealousy. Loose the Love of God in the name of Jesus.
19.Bind the Spirit of Error that causes people to be unsubmissive, unteachable, argumentative and drives the new age movement and false doctrines. Loose the Spirit of Truth.
20.Bind the Lying Spirit that causes strong deceptions, false prophesy, superstition and religious bondages. Loose the Spirit of Truth.
21.Bind the Spirit  of Heaviness that leads to despair, dejection and hopelessness. Loose the Comforter, the Garment of Praise and the Oil of Joy in its place.
22.Bind Seducing Spirits that cause a seared conscience, deception, fascination to evil ways/objects/people, causing people to wander from truth. Loose the Holy Spirit/Spirit of Truth.
23.Bind the Spirit of Anti-Christ that denies the deity of Christ and the atonement of His blood, leads to humanism, heresies, lawlessness, worldliness. Loose the Spirit of Truth.
24.Bind the Spirit of Bondage that traps people in fear, drug/alcohol addictions, bondage to pornography, sinful habits. Loose the Spirit of Liberty/Spirit of Adoption.
25.Bind the Spirit of Haughtiness that causes people to be obstinate, proud, rebellious, reject God and be self-righteous. Loose a Humble & Contrite Spirit.
26.Bind the Spirit of Infirmity that causes cancer, bent bodies, frail frames and lingering disorders. Loose the Spirit of Life/Gifts of Healing.
27.Pray for the miraculous to be loosed: miracles, signs and wonders.
28.Loose a spirit of repentance.
29.Pray that all strongholds and fortified places in peoples’ minds will be destroyed.
30.Pray that the blinded minds of unbelievers would come to the knowledge of Truth.
31.Pray that all would submit to the authority of our Heavenly Father.
32.Pray that God’s priorities would become priority in this country.
33.Pray that a revelation of the Name of Jesus be loosed. “Hallowed be thy name…”
34.Pray “Thy Kingdom Come & Thy Will Be Done” in Luxembourg as in Heaven.
35.Pray that the Kingdom of God will come in manifestation in our present world.
36.Pray that holiness and a spirit of true worship be loosed in Luxembourg.
37.Hunger and thirst for righteousness instead of substitutes.
38.God’s will be done in individuals, cities, nation, church, political and spiritual leadership.
39.Pray that government legislation for EU and Lux be led by God’s will and wisdom.
40.Godly leaders be put into power in EU and Luxembourg.
41.Restore righteousness & morality - drive out corporate, political, and national corruption.
42.Forgiveness for international strife, history of wars in Luxembourg.
43.Deliver Luxembourg from the Evil One - clean heart, right spirit, renewed mind.
44.Bind the Strongman of Luxembourg, spoil his armor, let the goods and resources of his house come into the Kingdom of God.
45.Send laborers into the harvest for the nation of Luxembourg - send men and material.
46.Send supplies to all those fighting on the front line for the Kingdom.
47.Pray all glory be given God as He is seen as the One True God - selflessness instead of selfishness.
48.Pray God’s provision be accepted: today is the day of salvation.
49.Pray families be restored and held together - healthy & whole.
50.Pray that the Prince of Peace guide hearts, lives and homes in this nation.

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