Friday, March 15, 2019

Japan News

Praise the Lord! We are home! After an exciting miracle during an Oklahoma youth rally we were not scheduled to be at, our language project was completed! We praise God because this meeting, along with I AM GLOBAL allowed us to return to Japan about nine months ahead of schedule. Since returning back to Japan this month, we have been able to:

*get our bodies back to normal
*get our house in order
*order our Sheaves For Christ vehicle
*enroll in language school

It is so good to be back on the field. Our first Sunday back, we had a record attendance of 18 people! Glory to God! One family came from Hiroshima. Their little boy, Goma chan was baptized. Miyuki, the mother is a very hungry disciple and is currently being trained to start a small group in her city.

The first day of our language school hunt, the Lord led us to a great one. Only a 9 min. shinkansen ride from our apartment, then a few stops by subway, is the school. During our first trial lesson, the teacher asked us if we drink Japanese alcohol. From there, we were able to share some testimonies and she said, “what kind of God is this?” We are looking forward to her finding out!

We are currently looking for a building for the church in Fukuoka City where we can hold weekly worship and prayer meetings as well as Bible School training. We’re believing for God to help us find the open door soon.

God bless each of you! We think of you often and know without you, we couldn't reach Japan! Keeping you and your families in prayer, and looking forward to sharing more good reports!

For Japan,
Les & Laura Clevenger

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