Monday, May 27, 2013

Mission Senegal Update


On Wednesday, April 17 I arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone with Missionary Nick Sisco. We were there for two events: a Pastor's Refresher's Course and Revival Services! These two events woven together made for a great week of ministry.

God blessed, strengthened and encouraged all of the pastors in attendance from across Sierra Leone. Without a resident missionary, these visits are vital to the work and anticipated by both the saints and the ministry.

During our Pastor's Refresher Course, we moved through these themes: Forward in Leadership, Forward in Doctrine, Forward in Church Growth. Covering a variety of subjects within these themes, these three days of seminars were both busy and blessed! There is great growth that comes as a result of teaching!

On Thursday and Friday evening and Sunday morning, saints from a number of area churches gathered for revival services. A mighty presence of God moved into each altar service and God blessed in a mighty way. Along with many healings and deliverances, over 80 souls were filled with the Holy Ghost.

For a glimpse of our ministry in Sierra Leone, click here to view a photo album!!

Once again I want to thank Voice of Pentecost Church - MacAdam and Edmunston UPC both in New Brunswick, who gave to make this trip possible!! This investment has impacted many souls beyond the pastors present and lives changed in the services. We believe this will be a catalyst for an unprecedented revival in Sierra Leone!!

We truly are grateful for the sacrificial giving, not only of these churches, but to all who pray and give regularly in support of Mission Senegal!!

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