Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Siscos: Monthly Newsletter from Ghana

Sierra Leone Dreams Forward

The work in Sierra Leone is moving forward by the grace of God. Superintendent Christopher Conteh and the church in Sierra Leone continue to overcome various challenges for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. They have a dream of continually moving forward. From April 16-21, 2013 I travelled to Sierra Leone with Missionary Sully to help them with their “Forward” dream. Twenty-four leaders attended the Pastors Refresher Course entitled, “FORWARD.” The three day Refresher Course dealt with a particular theme each day namely, leadership, doctrine, and growth.

A total of 95 people received the gift of the Holy Ghost in the three revival services. Here is what Superintendent Conteh reports, “The teachings were very mature and edifying, the impact is still on us though they have left. The messages were timely and left us with a sense of reasoning and to be ready to become better servants of the Lord.”

I Have a Dream

We are blessed in Ghana to continue the work started many years ago and to build upon the foundation of great missionaries and national leaders. Today we work in partnership with UPCI Ghana to see God’s kingdom expanded. ACTS-Ghana is the main training arm of our church and we are expanding our reach through extension Bible schools. As a result of our Extension Bible school in Kumasi and a radio ministry, twenty-five people were baptized in Jesus name and two of them received the Holy Ghost while identifying with Christ in water baptism. A new preaching point has also been started.

Our dream is to see the central Bible school increase its enrollment so more laborers can be prepared to harvest. An important need is to add a floor to our Bible school dormitory so we can accommodate more students. We have a dream of seeing this accomplished by the end of this year. We invite you to become part of this incredible dream to train and transform lives together. View the video above for more information.

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