Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Latest News from Papua New Guinea

First Bible School Graduation In Many Years!!!

The graduating Bible School students
During the Bible School Graduation

During our National Conference we held our first Bible School graduation in many years! We were so thrilled to see our 20 students stand to receive their Certificates. For many church members this was their first time to ever see a graduation. Really this is the only way to get the Gospel into PNG!! We are looking forward to many of these students going out and spreading God’s Word amongst the PNG people!! Many will start daughter works and go pioneer where there aren’t any churches established. Please continue to pray for the Bible School and it’s leaders.

Construction Starts!!

Bible School students gathered around the machinery

There were cheers of triumph mingled with tears of happiness as the heavy equipment rolled in to begin the groundwork for our Bible School Construction! The Bible School students were absolutely amazed and overjoyed to see the work finally beginning! Now that the machines have done their work, it's time for our work to begin!

General Conference

During the Easter weekend the PNG church held it’s Annual General Conference. We are very happy to report that during the conference there were 239 people Baptized in Jesus' Name and 170 filled with the Holy Ghost. Praise God!! There was such a powerful presence of the Lord throughout the conference. Many people reported miraculous healings. Nothing stopped the people coming to the services, even when it rained and the ground became muddy. They would run to the altar after every service and sometimes without waiting for the preaching to finish. We would like to thank Bro Monte and Sis Dianne Showalter for coming and Ministering to the Church of PNG.


  • First English Church starting in Goroka
  • Safety– Crime is on the rise!!
  • Strength and wisdom as we begin the new Bible School construction!

We appreciate everyone of you for supporting us, none of this would be possible without YOU!!!

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