Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pentecostals of Geneva - March Newsletter

Greetings in Jesus’ name from Geneva! Things have been moving quickly in Geneva over the last few weeks! Here is a quick recount of what the Lord has been doing:
  • We have had near record attendance for the last couple weeks. 
  • We moved into a larger room, which costs over twice as much, but the Lord has provided for us! 
  • We baptized Sister Gladys last week in the name of Jesus Christ in 50F water in Lake Geneva!
  • We are looking at using a chapel, which has become available, for our services.
  • We are planning our first ladies’ singing group for our Easter Services.
  • We have had regular evangelism team meetings over the last couple months.
  • We will have a Friends’ Day service with a visiting musician/ evangelist from France, Bro. Tshibangu, on April 22. 
  • God is bringing restoration to some in the church who had left for some time and have returned, ready with repentant hearts!
  • We have had quite a regular flow of visitors throughout the last several weeks.
  • God has given us a group of 85 young people who are planning to come in July for the AYC trip to Switzerland and Liechtenstein! 
So we have been very busy with a lot of opportunities and a lot of changes! We have also restructured our Friday Night House of Prayer to alternate between prayer service, out-and-out worship service, in-depth teaching and forum discussion times where we dialog on a certain aspect of scripture. This has been a refreshing change and this has enabled us both to get a little closer to those attending as well as to keep things fresh.

In our new meeting room, we are also located conveniently, that we can hang some new banners in a very prominent corner of the city, just across from the main train station!  Praise God!

We are very excited about all that has been going on in Geneva and look forward to a great harvest of souls in the next  couple months!!

Prayer Requests and Financial Needs

We continue to look for a more dedicated meeting place. So far we have searched, inquired and asked… please pray with us that the Lord would open the RIGHT doors for us!

Please pray with us for Easter Service, Friends’ Day and a leadership seminar that we will hold along with revival services with Bro. Robinette in May. 

Mitch & Jutta Sayers
Revival in Geneva. The time is now.

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