Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cooney Update Newsletter

30 Days of Prayer and Fasting
We began this year of miracles with 30 days of prayer & fasting. It was a time of consecration & dedication to the Lord. The Lord richly blessed us during this time and brought us into focus for the New Year 2012.

Capital Campaign
The Church of Acts entered into a building fun campaign at the end of January. God moved on our leaders to give in one time offerings & pledges 18,090 total. The rest of the church followed by giving in one time offerings & pledges 8,285. Bro. Charles Robinette (Missionary to Austria) has been busy and blessed while on deputation in the U.S. too. With the help of God, he's been able to raise $36,392 (27,730) with an additional $18,000 (13,715) in pledges that will come in within the next 6 months. Our goal is to raise 100,000 by the end of the year so that COA can make a down payment on a building to own. Because of God's goodness and manifold blessings, we are almost at the halfway mark (Just under 50,000) with funds that are already in the bank! We are beginning to look throughout the city for possible building venues. We thank the saints/leaders of COA & all the U.S. churches that have partnered in giving sacrificially toward the kingdom vision for the country of Austria! Please keep this mighty endeavor in your prayers!

February was our Family Month! We had two main events and the privilege to host great people & ministries:

Family/Marriage Weekend
Before Valentine's Day, we had a Family & Marriage Weekend with guests Bishop Leroy & Olive Francis (Superintendent UK & Ireland). They did a fantastic job ministering & strengthening our families & marrieds. One lady received the Holy Ghost on the last day!

Children's Revival Weekend
The last week of February we hosted Frank & Marion Nowacki (Melun, France) for a Children's Revival. They did an excellent job ministering to our children! Most all the children prayed back through with a couple receiving the Holy Ghost. We highly recommend them if your children are in need of revival!


Christina Capule
is our daughter work (Eisenstadt) pastor's wife. She was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer right when we arrived in Vienna last August. She has gone through the process of chemo treatments, has fully recovered and is strong as ever! Her testimony is so powerful, and it edified the church when she shared it in speaking & singing. She's never complained through the whole process and has been a witness to many while in the hospital. Her one and only request now is that the Lord would bless her with another full head of hair to continue bringing him glory in all that she does. Please join us in this prayer request.

Josie Reyes
We shared this testimony in our last newsletter. Josie was given 2 days to live back in December, but God miraculously raised her from her hospital bed. We've been praying that the Lord would continue strengthening her to be able to make the long flight from the Philippines to Vienna. Just a few weeks ago as we were praying before service in the prayer room and I was stepping out, I glanced over and realized that she was really there praying! Immediately the other saints came over and began praying with her and rejoicing that the Lord made a way for her to return to us. She testified to the church the next week and has been with us in each service since!

Cecelia Opoku
had a second stroke last year and was in a coma for 4 months. God has miraculously brought her out of this coma. She can even move her limbs and speak. We visited with her a few weeks ago in the hospital. She had tears streaming down her face thanking the Lord for His healing & preserving power as we prayed for her. Our ministers & saints visit with her frequently and have been able to minister and pray with other patients in beds beside her because of the witness that she's been and the power of the Lord that's brought into the place each a team visits. We look forward to having Cecelia in church and testifying in the near future!

Urgent Prayer Needs

Momma Cooney - I shared this testimovy a couple months ago. The Lord opened up a great door to move my mother at the end of January into a beautiful new facility. Her health has still been declining, and we are still believing for a miracle to take place. She needs prayer specifically for healing in her lungs & esophagus. Her weight is down to 102 lbs which is extremely light for her.

Fanny Cooney - Needs a breakthrough for her U.S. Visa. We begin our deputation at the end of July 2012, and our family would like to be together during this time. 

God has performed the miraculous the last few months, and we’ve seen Him do it time and time again. “FAITH is the substance of things HOPED for, the EVIDENCE of things NOT seen.” Agree, Believe & Pray with us for God to do the miraculous!  This is the Year of Miracles! 

Thank you for your continued support in prayer & finance!

Rev. Joe, Fanny & Jaylon Cooney 
Furlough Replacements - Vienna
Missionaries to Ireland

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