Thursday, August 25, 2011

Austria Update - July Newsletter

"We Can't Afford To Be Normal"

I am persuaded that we cannot afford to only be normal men and women of God. We are living in a time where only normal efforts and only lukewarm efforts will only get you normal results, and normal results will not save this lost and dying world. Normal results will not bring a historical revival but simply a “normal” revival!

During our Geneva Holy Ghost revival in July, we had a mighty outpouring of God’s presence where 12 people received the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues! Not only did God pour out His presence upon those 12 precious people, but God also poured out a great and mighty desire upon our young people to break away from normality and begin to live in the realm of great expectation and great faith!

This spirit has begun to spread throughout COA here in Vienna! Not only are the young people tired of normal encounters with God but the entire church body has grasped the understanding that we MUST not be simply normal with our prayers, desires, expectations, and faith in God’s desire and ability to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh!

Revival is upon the nation of Austria! Revival is upon the nation of Germany! Revival is upon the nation of Liechtenstein! Revival is upon the nation of Switzerland! And this revival IS NOT and WILL NOT simply be “normal, ” but IT WILL be a historical life changing revival!

Your Aimer,
Stephen M. Merritt


"Our Mission Field Is Now"

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