Thursday, July 28, 2011

Update from the Cooneys

Phase 1 of our deputation is complete. When we got our van Fall of last year, it had 9,600 miles on it. It now has 45,000! Since our last update I’ve traveled through Texas, Oklahoma & Illinois. Three U.S. states with 1st class people and Wide Open Spaces!

My mind began to race thinking about those 3 words, “Wide Open Spaces.” Pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth labourers into His harvest, “Wide Open Spaces of Opportunity.” Look up Abraham, I will make your descendants as the stars of the sky, “Wide Open Spaces of Promise.” Isaac found a well that he didn’t have to strive for, redug it and called it Rehoboth, “Wide Open Spaces of Abundant Provision.” I believe we are entering a time of Wide Open Spaces, a time of greater revival, a time of greater challenges and a time of exercising & stretching of our faith like never before! Expectation has never been higher in the
body of Christ!

I’ve had great services these past couple months, here are a few highlights of those that have walked into their Wide Open Spaces:

Unlike most missionary deputations, our family has a 1 year gap before we reconvene with the rest of our deputation in August 2012. We’ve been given a temporary assignment by our Regional Director to oversee the Church of Acts in Vienna, Austria beginning August 2011. Our family has been apart since February; we’re looking forward to being with one another again, looking forward to new challenges, growth, experiences and revival!

We have some extra expenses during this transition that we could use assistance with, i.e. flight & moving costs. We are returning to the field with roughly 1/3 of our budget for the year. We appreciate any love offerings or new PIMs during this time. Thank you for your support--prayerfully & financially!

Rev Joe, Fanny & Jaylon Cooney
Missionaries to Ireland- Evangelist to the World

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