Monday, July 11, 2011

Austria Update

Greetings friends and family,

First and foremost. This past week was incredible. We had a blessed weekend with our AMTC session in Nurnberg, Germany at Bro. Scott’s church.

Bro. Andreassen and Bro. Craft did a fabulous job teaching. Every word that was spoken during these sessions was so anointed. The Spirit of God was so rich it was almost tangible. God truly had His way! Lives were changed. Barriers were torn down. Hearts uplifted. Hope was given. And the path to revival is that much more paved!

Bro. Craft teaching on faith, and how we can all, as ministers and leaders, do the great things Jesus Christ did through our faith in Him.

Bro. Andreassen is talking about letting ourselves be more open to receive the bountiful blessings and anointing from God!

The rest of this newsletter may be a little different compared to the last few that were sent the following months. But, a newsletter is simply a method of spreading good news through a letter, which is what I am going to do. I must point out what great men and women are laboring here in the German-speaking nations of Western Europe. They have got ahold of something great! And the news must be told! Being able to work with men and women who understand what true ministry is is such a blessing and honor. The missionaries and ministers within the German-speaking nations of Western Europe have grasped the revelation of true ministry. It is evident through their faithfulness, commitment, longevity of desire, humbleness, passion, and simply an awareness to not fulfill their will, but God’s will. They understand that ministry is not always going where you “want” to go. Not always going where you feel that God has called you. These men and women understand that ministry is not always easy. But, they know without a shadow of a doubt that ministry is going and helping where the need is.

Another great thing about grasping onto the revelation of true ministry is the fact that once we obtain this revelation our entire outlook on our individual ministry will change. Meaning that we will not stress and worry if we don’t meet OUR expectation. When we preach or minister in some form, we will not feel the weight of failure because no one received the Holy Ghost or no one received a miraculous healing. But, once we have this revelation, we will know that it is not up to us to fill this person or that person with the Holy Ghost, or it’s not up to us to make sure this number of people receive a healing. But, it is solely up to us to have the faith and the works through our ministering. And the rest is up to God. God has blessed these Western European Nations with many fine men and women of God who understand exactly what is being said here!

I must give honor where honor is due. And honor must be given to Bro. and Sis. Robinette and Bro. and Sis. Craft. These great people have influenced and impacted the lives of many. Thank God for their true desire for ministry.

These are just the very few of the many great men and women who understand the revelation of true ministry!

I hope this newsletter finds each of you at that perfect moment!

Your AIMer,
Stephen M. Merritt

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