Thursday, July 28, 2011

Scotland Aflame - June 2011

Jonathan and Jenny Follmer
AIMers to Scotland
City: Glasgow
Supervising Missionary: Robert Kelley

Moving In

June was a very busy month filled with activity and change. It concluded the year for the students of Harvest Bible College and saw most of them return to their respective residences and fields of labor. We wish them all God’s best!

With the school year in the past, our focus was able to shift to other things. Missions Week of the UPC of Great Britain and Ireland helped to spur along that transition. During the Missions Week, churches all across the UK were executing plans they had made to reach into their communities with the Gospel. Amongst other things that we did in Glasgow, we used this opportunity to have a joint Church endeavor into the West End. With a mini-bus and a station wagon, we took saints from the Church in the East End to hit the streets and pray in the West End, where we have a home group. Another car of ladies went to our home to pray for the work and our community. Awesome.

God has been opening doors for Jenny and I in the West End and establishing us in the area. Now, we are moving in with prayer and focusing on breaking into the community more. We know He has great plans for this work and we feel directed of Him in our endeavors here. More to come!

*Please continue to pray for us as we reach out, that God would help us to walk in HIS vision and that He would lead us to hungry souls for the harvest! In Jesus’ Name!

Current Needs: Jenny and I need finances for a vehicle (about 5,000 USD). We have a temporary vehicle that we are borrowing at the moment, but really require our own. Prayer for this and support are greatly welcomed!

•June 1: Jenny teaching at Harvest Bible College
•June 2: Jonathan teaching at HBC
•June 2: WEST END meeting
•June 5: Jonathan leads service at New Life Church, Parkhead
•June 9: WEST END meeting
•June 10: Jonathan and Jenny teaching at HBC
•June 11: Jonathan transports ladies from NLC to “Ladies in ACTSion Day” in Sunderland
•June 12: “Pentecost Sunday” Jonathan leads worship
•June 15: Jenny teaching at HBC
•June 16: Jonathan teaching at HBC
•June 16: WEST END meeting
•June 18: Helped at Nottingham Church dedication service
•June 21-24: Jenny (with her devoted assistant Jonathan)
cooking for students, staff and guests of HBC
•June 22: Jenny teaching at HBC
•June 23: Jonathan teaching at HBC
•June 23: WEST END meeting
•June 27-July 3: Missions Week in UPC GB&I
•June 29: Joint Church prayer walk in the WEST END!

*Plus everything else we’re involved in!

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