Friday, June 10, 2011

Scotland Aflame - May 2011

We’re Home!

We’ve been back in Scotland for nearly 2 months now and we’re finally settled into our flat in Glasgow. Thank you to the Kelleys for providing us with a place to stay and their hospitality while we were looking for our home. After a long road of travel in North America (over 25,000 miles this trip) we have a wee place of our own at last!

Doors Are Opening in the West End

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Jenny and I are starting a work in the West End of the city of Glasgow. In a city of around 2,000,000 in the amalgamated area, it desperately needs another Church. The West End has been, by and large, unreached up to this point. It is a section of the city with a culture and history all its own. This section of Glasgow is filled with folks from all over the world due to immigration, but also due to the large numbers of University students that walk the streets. Who knew that going to Glasgow you could literally “go into all the world?” Well, at least a lot of it.

We’ve seen God open doors for us in the way of the flat that we have moved into, which we got a deal on and which also has a large and open living area that we can fit several into for a Bible Study, or for fellowship. Also, we have a door that is open to us in the way of a place to meet. There will be more to come on that, but I’ll tell you that it is in one of the busiest places in the entire West End. Please pray that God will now begin to connect us to souls to teach Bible Studies to and that we may see a harvest in this our City. We believe God has awesome and powerful things in store. Thank you for partnering with us as we partner with Him. We love you all!

•April 7-9 Harvest Bible College “Open Day”
•April 15-16 Northern District Conference
•April 17 Jonathan preaching Sun. in New Life Church,
Parkhead, Glasgow
•April 18-21 40 Hours of Prayer for Parkhead
•April 21 First Home Group meeting in the WEST END
•April 24 Jonathan’s Birthday!!!
•April 27 Jenny teaches Wednesday Night in NLC, Parkhead
•April 28 Jenny’s Birthday!!!
•April 28 WEST END
•May 1 Jonathan preaching Sun. in NLC, Parkhead
•May 1 Jenny and Jonathan lead home prayer meeting
•May 4 Jonathan teaches monthly Wed. Men’s care group
NLC, Parkhead
•May 8 Jonathan preaches in Church of Hope (UPC),
•May 11-12 Jonathan teaches at Harvest Bible College
•May 12 WEST END
•May 13-15 District Youth Camp, hosted guest speaker in our
home and helped with logistics
•May 17-19 Missionary Field Fellowship
•May 19 WEST END
•May 18 Jenny teaches at HBC
•May 19 Jonathan teaches at HBC
•May 21 March for Christ, fundraiser for the youth department
•May 22 Annual Missions Day, helped plan and run the day
•May 25 Jenny teaches at HBC
•May 26 WEST END
•May 27-29 Jonathan and Jenny chaperone HBC students to
London for weekend ministry trip (around 21 hours of bus

*Plus everything else we’re involved in!

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