Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mexigram - June 2011


Among the many wonderful things that God is doing in Mexico, we've had four Catholic priests baptized in the Name of Jesus in the last couple of years. Two of them were Bishops in the Catholic Church. Pictured below are: Rev Martín González, Vice President of the UPC of Mexico (he has baptized two of the ex-priests); ex-catholic Bishop Ernesto Blanco (baptized in early May 2011, recently), ex-catholic Bishop Roberto Piñeiro (baptized in October 2010), and Brother T.W.Drost.

Each one of these ex-priests is becoming a powerful testimony, traveling to different churches to give their testimony. Many are being baptized and filled with the HG in their services. All four of them have not only been baptized in Jesus' Name, but all of them have also received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Recently (two weeks ago), we had Brother Piñeiro preaching and giving his testimony in the local church that I pastor in Mexico City and, that Sunday, there were 15 baptized and 13 received the Holy Spirit.

When they preach at a church, they start speaking dressed as a priest and, as they give their testimony, they progressively take their robes off-explaining what the various pieces represent. They end up putting a suit coat on, saying that now they don't need those robes for they are free and today they are Ministers of the true and genuine Gospel! In fact, they have become passionate about the One-God message and baptism in Jesus' Name!

Brother Ramón Casillas, who was the first ex-priest to be baptized, in March of 2009, is a Licensed Minister with the UPC of Mexico. He started a church in the center of the city of Zamora, Michoacán, and is doing VERY well, running over 100 in their regular services. He also started a Christian Re-Hab Center for alcoholics and drug addicts. He presently has 37 men and young men, ex-alcoholics and druggies-some of them picked up from the very streets of Zamora. Brother Casillas is doing a tremendous job with these. I was recently visiting him and was VERY impressed.

Pictured above: Brother Ramón Casillas leading the service in the Church he started in Zamora.
Pictured below: The group of ex-alcoholics and drug addicts doing a drama presentation in the service. Very impressive!

If someone feels lead to help in Brother Ramón Casillas' ministry and efforts to reach the hopeless, please contact us.


The UPC of Mexico has its National Convention every two years, with Zonal (Regional) Conventions during the alternate years. This year our National Convention 2011 will be in the Sports Palace (Palacio De Los Deportes) in Mexico City, July 29-31, 2011. We will have over 15,000 in attendance, and our goal is to see over 1,500 receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we can and will! Why not plan to come and be part of revival? Check us out at:

Please pray for continued revival in Mexico!

Thank you,
Bro. T.W. Drost
General Superintendent UPC of Mexico

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