Monday, March 21, 2011

New from Mission Montreal - March 2011

We are just finishing a long, cold winter in Montreal, but the Lord has been doing some amazing things here. Sometimes you plant a seed in someone's heart and it seems like nothing is happening, but then a painful circumstance will come along that causes someone's heart to turn to God.

At our church Christmas celebration, a lady and her two children attended with a close family friend. They didn't return until last week, after their friend passed away suddenly and they were in need of comfort and peace. They knew it could only be found in the presence of God!

Also, a few months ago we started a Bible study with a lady and her three children, whose husband had just left her because he said she was putting church and God ahead of him. It has been a very difficult and painful time for the family, but since that time, all three of the children (age 8, 14 and 18) have received the Holy Ghost! And this week, the court awarded her custody of the children, and now she can continue to raise them in a spiritual environment.

This week, we returned to Sherbrooke with a Bible School student and met with a large family of Nepalese people who are wide open to Apostolic ministry: 18 people met together to pray and worship and hear the Word. Many other doors are opening because of this one family and like always, when the doors of ministry open, we will simply and obediently, GO!

Thank you for your prayers, friendship and support. We appreciate you all so much!

Scott & Liane Grant

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