Saturday, March 5, 2011

Building for the Future: Report from the Shutes Family

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Greetings in the precious Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! I am writing you with an urgent request. We thank all of you for receiving us so graciously while on deputation. God granted so many miracles of healing, with many receiving the Holy Ghost and being baptized in Jesus Name.

We are presently seeing great revival in the CIS and Baltic Republics (former Soviet Union), with nations being opened and pastors receiving the revelation of the One True God and being baptized in Jesus Name. New Converts are growing, the work of the Lord is spreading, and ministers are being sent out to preach the Gospel, accompanied with signs and wonders.

My wife and I are still in the USA, and we are eager to get back to the field. We still have a couple of very important needs that I am asking you to pray about, and if God moves on your heart to give to one of these needs, please send it in to one of the accounts at Foreign Missions.

I pray that your heart opens liberally to give towards this great cause.

Mark & Robin Shutes
Missionaries to Belarus and the Baltic Republics

Belarusian Bible College

In Belarus we hold Bible College in homes in three different provinces. We have graduated over 100 students. Some of them are pastors, evangelists, presbyters, bishops, and missionaries. We sent two nationals who are Regional Missionaries into Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

This building that you see here is our unfinished Bible College building. When it is finished, it will seat 250 people, have several classrooms, and sleep 30 people. Presently the national church in this city is holding services in the basement. They have put thousands of dollars into this building. We need $45,000 in order to finish it.

Latvian Training Center

We are launching the reconstruction of a building and turning it into a Training Center for ministers all over the CIS and Baltic Republics. This area of the world is 11 time zones long. You can fit the USA into it 2.28 times. The work was opened by Area Coordinator William Turner 18 years ago. It has gone from 0 churches to over 120 churches and preaching points.

We will use this facility for our Bible College in Latvia, as well as bringing in the upper level ministry in the CIS and Baltic Republics in order to prepare them for the great outpouring of God's Spirit across this Area; this is a strategic Center. In order to renovate this into a Center, it will cost approximately $140,000. We give special thanks to pastors that have pledged some $56,000. We need another $84,000 to complete it.

In Conclusion:
This is a huge operation. The expense is great! However, it is for the souls of men, women, and children that we labor in tears, traveling, preaching, teaching. There is no expense too great. This is why we are here. It is for this hour, for this time. God is going to use someone, it should be us.

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