Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Africa Network of Prayer - March

Praise Reports

During Sunday morning services in 2 churches in the Zou Region of Benin, a total of 32 people received the Holy Ghost.

God has helped us to begin our Sunday School program across Burkina Faso and Niger. We have held six children's programs in the local churches. Each has averaged 150-200 children in attendance. Niger is taking Sunday School to the next level. God is moving in the hearts of the pastors and the children of Burkina Faso. We are thankful for Jaydie Johnson who came up from Lome, Togo, to help us this month.

Miracle in Ouagadougou

From our rooftop in Ouagadougou you can see the presidential palace. I invited our pastors for an all night prayer meeting on my roof. I was showing the pastors my vision for Burkina Faso.

We were taking spiritual possession of the political climate. For 7 hours we interceded for the country of Burkina Faso. We bound the spirits of the fetish worship and loosed the Grace of God among the Muslims. We opened spiritual doors and closed the mouth of the enemy!

Little did I know, my night guard who was Muslim was listening to the prayers that ascended to the heavens. He came to me asking question about our doctrine and requesting some literature. Last Tuesday, we baptized him, his wife and his older brother in the name of Jesus!

That is not the end of the story. As you know, the one way to win over a Muslim is through signs and wonders. His wife was 9 months pregnant when she was baptized. This was on Tuesday, on Wednesday she went into the hospital. For at least 12 hours she was in extreme pain.

The doctor said that the baby's head was not in the correct position, and the mother's body was not responding to the contractions. She began to loose blood. The prognosis was grave. We feared that we would lose both the mother and the baby.

My wife began to pray. I called our pastors, and they began to pray; my wife contacted the Benson family, and they began to pray.

Immediately the baby began to turn, and 12 hours later, this new convert gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! To God be the Glory! There will be a witness in the Muslim community to the power of Jesus Christ!

The results from the prayers on the roof were a sign that the hearts of the Muslims have been opened to the Gospel and that many babies will be born in the church.

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