Thursday, September 2, 2010

FMD Praise Report

From Kristi Landaw (Trinidad-Tobago/Puerto Rico):

Thank you for all your prayers over these 9 months as I faced the big "C" word. I thank God that I have been given the all clear now--just have to be tested every 3 months to make sure the cancer does not return. I know it is the prayers of God's people that have helped me through this challenge. Looking forward to returning back to the land of our calling as soon as we finish up a short deputation. Thank you Jesus and thank you friends.

From Phil Tolstad (Uganda):

We are rejoicing in the growth of the church as we daily receive reports of people receiving the Holy Ghost in churches, people being baptized, and of miracles and healings. Here in Uganda, there is a false prophet who calls himself "The God Almighty" and goes by the name of "Bisaka." He dresses his ministers in white robes and produces many signs through witchcraft and sorcery. He is also called the "Prince of Demons and Witchcraft." One of his leading ministers had a very sick 13-year-old daughter. She brought the girl to "Bisaka" to be healed. He could not heal her. He attempted many times to heal her and failed. When the lady returned home, she was told to take the daughter to the Apostolic Church as they have many healings. She was taken to Pastor Charles Ntegemisi. He prayed for this girl. She began to open her eyes. She began to talk. She began to eat. She began to walk. The lady said, "You truly have the power of God; I am no longer a minister of ‘Bisaka.” I am coming to be a member of this church.” She took off her white robe and gave it to Pastor Charles. He brought it to the conference to show that the power of God is in the name of Jesus! The conference prayed over an anointed handkerchief to take back to the young girl for complete restoration, for a testimony of the power of God!

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