Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Togo/Central African Report

Greetings to all of our precious friends in the Name of Jesus!

This update brings exciting news!

A few weeks back, we had a worker in our home. We got on the discussion of baptism. He asked for some literature. He then took the tracts to his pastor. After reading the tracts, the pastor requested a meeting/Bible Study with us.

Great News...At the end of this month, Pastor Simeon will be re-baptizing his church family in the Name of Jesus!!! On the Sunday that we visited his church, we had 3 receive the Holy Ghost, 4 testified of instant healings, and 2 stood and testified that after the sermon, they felt that 'skin had been removed from their eyes' as they saw the true One God! Incredible!!! God is doing great things in Togo and we are thrilled to serve here with the Adam's!

As you can imagine, the devil has not sat idly by throughout the revelation of the One God to Pastor Simeon. You may have noticed that our family was the prayer focus on the FMD Prayer Calendar for this past Sunday. We are praising the Lord for the prayer covering that was over us. Read below the story of our 'break in' on Sunday night. Please, note that here in Togo, being caught as a thief is a major crime. They generally take the thief out, put old tires around him, and burn him to death. Mike has already witnessed "a burning" in our first 5 months here in Togo! If you are a thief, you do not want to get caught!

Break-In: It seems three intruders climbed through a window in the children's bathroom around 1:30am this morning (Sunday night). The bathroom connects Hannah and the boys bedrooms. The intruders rummaged through the children's bedrooms storing their items in the bathroom until the get away. Apparently, a neighbor across the street saw them enter the window and called the police. (Although no one will fess up to calling the police now so we could get a statement.)

As the police arrived, the intruders fled via the stairwell to our roof and jumped onto another roof from there. They left their bag and flash light behind. Thankfully, the children were not awakened (this is a miracle of God, as you know how violent the African's can become when confronted). Hannah was asleep in her bed. Tied to the theives' bag, was a 'gag rag'..........

God is so good to us and surely his angels were keeping guard! As far as we can tell, the only thing they successfully stole was a gas tank for the stove that was hooked to the grill outside.
Of course, the kids are upset and scared. We ask you to please pray for our family, as we try to settle everyone back down. Bro. Adam's has been with us, guiding us through the process of how to handle this situation. Thank the Lord for the Adam's!

We want you to know that all is well and God is doing great things in Togo! Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support. We cannot be successful without you standing with us! We are very thankful for our Mission/Church Family!

Faithful to the Name and Cause of Christ,
Michael and Danan
Togo/Central African Republic

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