Friday, May 22, 2009

Praise Report from Sri Lanka

Praise Report

From J. Prince Mathiasz (Sri Lanka/Eastern Europe):

It is with gratitude and thanksgiving, we praise God for the ending of a three decade long civil war which wrecked the nation of Sri Lanka. This war which began just two weeks after our arrival on the field to begin our very first term of missionary work just ended this week. The death of so many and the destruction of this beautiful island was very heart-wrenching and beyond comprehension.

The church in Sri Lanka and our International Fellowship had not ceased in their prayer efforts to see this war come to an end and see democracy, peace and normalcy return to this pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Thank you UPCI for all your prayers, letters of encouragement during the trouble times of civil war and terrorism in Sri Lanka. We are grateful to all of our leaders, pastors, brothers, sisters and friends of this great world-wide fellowship for your concern, and burden for the nation and the church in Sri Lanka. We thank everyone who called this week sharing their joy and prayer support.

We are so blessed to be a small part of such a great and wonderful family of God's people.
Please continue to pray that God will help, guide and bless the leaders of this nation as they face the monumental task of finding an acceptable solution to all sections of the people and rebuilding the nation so that the yearning and the dreams of living normal lives of the citizens of this country will come to fruition. People are optimistic and your prayers are very much appreciated.

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