Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prayer Request from Mexico

Prayer Requests

From Superintendent T.W.Drost (Mexico):

Please pray for our people during this serious outbreak of the swine flu in Mexico - which has expanded.

In news conferences, over the past few days government officials seem to be reporting a bit more honestly than before, and now they are confirming over 150 deaths with the swine flu in Mexico City, and over 2,000 confirmed infected.

Thus far, Mexico is the only country that is reporting any deaths on account of the swine flu but, the more alarming news is that, they now have reported cases in over half of the 32 States in Mexico (the country) which increases the potential for greater harm.

We request your prayers for the over 80,000 baptized believers that we now have in all of Mexico, in over 750 Churches.

We are believing God for His protection. Also, the government has now directly prohibited any gathering of people (to reduce the spread of the disease), which means that we are not allowed to have services.

This prohibition has been declared for the entire country. Various district-wide events, that had been planned for this weekend, and for some time in some of our districts, have been canceled. That, of course, affects our people.

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