Friday, March 13, 2009

Thai Gram - March 2009

Rev. & Mrs. Frank Poling

Worship & Praise

Pastor James Varnum & Sister Thea

The Thai Conference this year had well over seven hundred in attendance.

Twenty-nine people were baptized in Jesus' name and one hundred and ninety-seven people stood on the platform after Sunday's Holy Ghost service to be counted as born again of the Spirit.

One Thai man (who only understands the Thai language) cried out "Glory, Glory, Glory" as he was filled with the Holy Ghost. There were also many, many people healed during the conference. A twenty-one person team from the USA came once again to minister at the conference. Great teaching, preaching, praying and worship!

Brother & Sister Frank Poling were honored for their dedication and commitment in coming to Thailand and ministering for thirty years! After serving more than thirty-five years as General Superintendent of Thailand, Brother Chaiyong Wattanachant has retired. Brother Ping Ploklaa is the newly elected superintendent.

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