Friday, March 27, 2009

Africa Report

Reported by Area Coordinator, Jim Crumpacker

A two day seminar was taught to forty pastors and leaders from various church groups. After the seminar, seven pastors were baptized and seven others asked for our pastors to come teach their churches and baptize them with their people. Several more said they were convinced of the truth and were trying to decide what to do.

Reported by Regional Missionary, Brother Desire

There are thirty-four part icipants in the Certificate Program of the (GATS) Global Association of Theological Studies program.

Jim Poitras, Colleen Carter, & Nick Sisco families

Two received the Holy Ghost at a church Family, Friends & Fellowship Day.

Albert Stewart family

Sixty-three were baptized in Jesus' name and forty-one received the Holy Ghost in regular services.

Chris Richardson family

Even amidst political turmoil, the church continues to rise.

Recently a small group of oneness churches requested to affiliate with the UPC. The National Superintendent has met with them and is in the process of integrating them into our fellowship.

Local churches continue to report revival and people being filled with the Holy Ghost.

Tremayne Simoneaux family

During a recent crusade, eighty received the Holy Ghost and twenty-five were baptized in Jesus' name.

A husband and wife came to the crusade healing service. Both were healed, received the Holy Ghost, and were baptized.

One young girl received the Holy Ghost and spoke in perfect English.

South Africa
Karl Smith, Dan Davis, David Flowers, & Louis Louw families

Six received the Holy Ghost at a revival meeting in the capital city.

Richard Smoak & Jim Robertson families

Seven received the Holy Ghost in two different meetings.

Randy Adams family & reported by the Mike Benson family

A pastor was healed. A few weeks back, one of the pastors had something fly into his eye while driving his moped. The eye swelled shut and caused him great pain with sensitivity to light. On a recent Sunday, he was interpreting for one of the missionaries who was preaching about "Standing On Your Faith." The missionary drew a circle in the dirt and stood in it to reinforce his thought. The pastor repeated the action. Upon stepping into his circle, the pastor testified that the pain immediately left his eye and he was able to remove his sun glasses.

Phil Tolstad family

A total of twenty-seven have been baptized and forty-two have received the Holy Ghost.

Three new churches have been started.

A woman was healed of HIV and her health restored.

Twelve pastors have asked to join our church after they received teaching on the apostolic message.

Seven pastors who await a seminar have committed to be baptized and accept the truth of the Word. They are very excited and plans have been made to go in April and baptize those congregations.

A pastor, who was recently baptized and brought his two churches into the truth, now faces opposition from witchdoctors. The witchdoctors have put pressure on the landlord to chase away the church because their magic and charms are not working. The devil cannot chase the church. Witchcraft doesn't work around the house of God. This pastor continues to stand strong for the message of Jesus.

At the funeral of a pastor's brother, there were sixteen pastors who heard the message of salvation. They are friends and relatives of the pastor, and many want to know more.

A Presbyter reports that after he received his motorcycle, he has been able to travel and meet several pastors who have wanted him to come and share the Word. Nine pastors and churches have affiliated with us since February.

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