Thursday, March 26, 2009

Praise Report

From Ed Hosmer (Japan):

I want to share with you a praise report.

A couple of months ago, after a Friday night prayer meeting, we took many of our youth to McDonalds on our way home.

We met a young Air Force NCO there who was out drinking with a friend of his. Our youth being full of the Holy Ghost and bold invited them to eat with us. From there this NCO "Stephen" began to attend our cell group meetings. Then all of a sudden he vanished. No phone calls, no contact, etc.

A few weeks later he just shows up at our cell group meeting and related that he had been deployed for a short time. In fact he was not suppose to return back to Okinawa at all and was suppose to go directly to Iraq. For some reason he was able to return back to Okinawa for just 2 weeks.

Someone in our church began to talk to him that Wednesday night about the need to be baptized in Jesus' Name. The next Friday night he was baptized in Jesus' Name. Praise God! Tears were rolling down his face as he was so thankful to have his sins remitted. An hour later my wife and daughter taught him another Bible study about receiving the Holy Ghost. They could not even finish the Bible study. He said "I want to get the Holy Ghost now!" Within moments he was filled with the Holy Ghost! Two days later, he deployed to Iraq!

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