Monday, January 18, 2021

Spain Update (Zenobia Family)

We traveled over 2,700 kilometers (1,700 miles) during a two-week trip to Andalucía (the southern most province of Spain). We are thankful for God’s protection while we celebrated Christmas in Sevilla, Spain as a family, and New Years in Malaga, Spain with new friends. 

  • Three people were filled with the Holy Ghost, two were baptized and others were healed in the three services and Bible study we ministered in. God is so good! 
  • We visited two different churches and a mission work. We also met the people from a second mission work in Spain, near Gibraltar. 
  • We visited 10 different cities/towns in the provinces of Sevilla and Malaga, taking in both the natural and architectural beauty of this vast region. 

Using the AVE high-speed train from Barcelona, it takes about six hours to reach Sevilla. It is said, Sevilla tiene un color especial (“Sevilla has a color all its own”). We spent nearly three days to celebrate Christmas as a family. It is a uniquely beautiful and colorful city.  

The Saturday after Christmas, we drove by way of the city Ronda, to the coastal city of Malaga, the Province of Malaga’s namesake. Stretching nearly 100 miles, the coastline of this province is known as La Costa del Sol (the Sun Coast). Pastor and Sister Hector Merizalde currently have four church plants along this coast (in the cities of Malaga, Marbella, Casabermeja, and Linea de la Concepcion, see below)! They are great laborers for the harvest and precious saints of God.  

That Sunday Kristen (and Xander) had the opportunity to minister in Malaga, while Sam (and Benaiah) ministered in Marbella. There were great moves of God in each of these services. We believe that God was preparing the hearts of the people for what was to follow in the coming days. 

During the week, Pastor Hector and Sam gave a Bible study on the plan of salvation to a lady who recently started attending the Malaga Church.  

Her opened her heart to God’s word and was filled with the Holy Ghost! She was baptized moments later in the precious name of Jesus! On our final Sunday in Andalucía, we ministered in Malaga and the people’s faith was high! Two were filled with the Holy Ghost, one was baptized, and others received healing. To God be all the glory!  

When we were not in church, we made the most of our time. We took the scenic route through the mountains from Sevilla to Ronda to Malaga. Ronda is famous for the Puente Nuevo bridge, which has a cameo in the 2017 animated film Ferdinand, about a Spanish bull.  

We all visited cities towns and villages along the coast. To the east of Malaga was Nerja. You can see cliffs falling into the greenish blue Mediterranean for miles—it is breathtaking. 

About 40 miles to the southwest of Malaga lies Marbella with its pristine beaches, and impressive vistas, on a clear day you can see the Rock of Gibraltar and the African coast of Morocco.  

All-in-all we visited 10 different cities on our trip, making good use of the unlimited mileage on our rental car! 

As parents, we were happy to see that Benaiah and Xander enjoyed the trip as much as we did. We had so much fun, but the highlight reel would have to include the horse and carriage ride throughout Sevilla, riding on the high-speed train (or as Xander calls it, bullet train), and one of the best Christmases ever (thanks to the generosity of our extended family and friends).  

The boys also became fast friends with Pastor Merizalde’s son, Danny. We are thankful to God for all of the moments we shared as a family and for the opportunity to take a trip like this as AIMers. What a blessing and privilege!  

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