Friday, January 8, 2021

Luxembourg Update

Greetings from Luxembourg In the Name of Jesus! 

Last year Janet and Ana Perdomo came to Luxembourg from Venezuela. The week they arrived we met them and invited them to have coffee. Janet told us she was raised Catholic and had always been a part of the Roman Catholic Church.  

With the national population of Luxembourg being 90% Roman Catholic, it would have been very easy for her to attend mass as she had in the past. But before we finished our meeting over coffee we prayed with her and her daughter, and God opened the door for us to teach them a personal Bible study. The next Sunday they were with us in an apostolic meeting.

The first time they came, they felt the power and presence of God and have been with us ever since, learning the Word of God for themselves. They have been with us for one year now. 

On December 14, 2020, we were honored to baptize Janet and her daughter Ana in the name of Jesus Christ! This Gospel message is truly powerful. Every time I have the privilege of baptizing someone in that saving name, I feel like I have been washed all over again!  

The Lord is leading us to those He has prepared, those who are ready to act on the truth. During the year of 2020 one of our weekly meetings was dedicated to teaching discipleship classes in preparation for the vision God has given us.  

Miracle in Lux 

Dina, a young lady here in Luxembourg has lived with an irregular thyroid condition since she was nine years old.  

For more than a decade she has had to take medication every day while she struggled with irregular hormone levels, fluctuating weight, low energy and other imbalances. Last week in one of our online meetings we prayed the prayer of faith and declared healing in the lives of those that needed it.  

She claimed her healing and the next morning she threw her medication in the trash (no one knew she had done this). She simply acted on her faith. The next week her doctor confirmed that her thyroid condition was gone and she was completely healed!  

We are celebrating with her for this amazing miracle of healing that Jesus has done for her! 

We are expecting great things in the new year ahead in 2021! 

Jeremy & Khrista Favors

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