Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Latest News from Scott & Linda Guinn (Missionaries to Mexico/Cuba)

The pastor and his wife told us that they needed just $100 to set up their church behind their house.  They built a little Eden out of coconut tree leaves and plastic “sugar bags”, even adding skylights. 

While we appreciate very much their ingenuity and their humble, giving spirit, it was felt that they needed a sturdier structure.  God has opened the door for them to purchase a building for just $2000.00.  Within a couple of days, almost all that was needed had been given. God is so good!!!  May God bless those who gave! 

We appreciate any help towards projects like these. 

The leaders of the Ladies Ministries traveled to special services on the east side of the island. In one service, 5 people received the Holy Ghost!

We were blessed to visit Bro. Juan and see the work that he is doing to build a new congregation and Bible School in La Lechuga, which is translated “The Lettuce”.  He baptized 7 people that day!
¡Gloria a Dios!

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