Friday, July 25, 2014

Mission Senegal

Since June 1, we have been privileged to work with amazing young people from across North America. The 12 NEXT STEPS volunteers, along with the missionary team have ministered both in Lomé and in churches across Togo. More than 100 people have been filled with the Holy Ghost in the last 7 weeks and many lives have been delivered and transformed.  Click here for photos and stories of this amazing experience!

As part of our NEXT STEPS adventure, we visited a local orphanage on several occasions, delivering medicines, water filters, food, toys and other items to over 65 needy children. We are thankful that during one of our children's crusades, several of these orphans received the baptism of the HOLY GHOST!! Who knows what eternal impact our ministry among these young people may be.Click on this link or this link to see some of our ministry at this orphanage!

On July 28, we will be arriving in Fredericton, NB to prepare for our deputation! We are excited to be moving forward with our dream and calling to establish a great Apostolic Church in Senegal and the many surrounding countries! Please check our deputation schedule to see when we will be near you! (Click the link and scroll to our name on the drop down menu!)

Please contact us if you would like us to visit your church for a missionary service!

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