Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ireland Missions

Pentecost Sunday
Hundreds of flyers were passed out, people ministered and prayed for, and contacts made while doing outreach leading up to Pentecost Sunday.  We thank the Lord for our visitors, moving mightily and giving breakthroughs to all that attended this service.

New Bible Studies

We have a few bible studies already and have just scratched the surface in beginning to reach for people.  We thank the Lord for divine appointments that He is giving us thus far, and look forward to being over our head in follow up very soon.

Chrissy Duke & Emily Crilley
We were especially blessed to have two great young ladies with us this past month. Chrissy Duke is from Pastor Jeff Harpole's church (Terre Haute, IN) and Emily Crilley is from Pastor Nick Strange's church (Massillion, OH). These two young ladies served in a tremendous way helping get things back in order around the church property, evangelizing, praying, ministering, exploring, and assisting us in our services. We thank them for their burden and investment in the field of Ireland.

Sheaves For Christ Vehicle
We deeply appreciate the General Youth Division of the UPCI, and all the young people all around the U.S that have given toward Sheaves For Christ, making a way for us to purchase a vehicle for ministry use in Ireland.  We've had our vehicle for a little over a month and have put 2,000 miles on it already.  It's being well used :)  Thank you again for your fund raising and sacrifices that help put vehicles in the hands of missionaries all around the world.  #BE

Thank you for your continued support in helping us to effectively minister the gospel in Ireland and throughout Europe.

Rev. Joe, Fanny & Jaylon Cooney

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