Thursday, June 5, 2014

Update Letter from Munich

We greet you in Jesus’ name from Munich!

It was a quick transition from our AMTC Bible School in March to our Gen-eral Conference in May! We wrapped up the loose ends from the AMTC with the excellent help from the regional site administrators, Br. Samuel Ackah in Geneva, Sis. Whitney Bateman in Vienna, Br. Vicente Mestre in Bern and Sis. Shannon Gardner in Fürth! We had a total of 39 students whom we recognized with 3 students who gradu-ated at the General Confer-ence in Nürnberg! This was a record and a major victory for Jesus in the German Speaking Nations.

In the weeks preceding the Gen-eral Conference we drove up from Munich to be with Bro. Scott and the church from Fürth to evangelize in Nürnberg (see photo, top), with flyers, singing, and intercessory prayer—as well as the occasional blowing of the shofar! In the organizing of the conference, after consis-tently high quotes for to rent a sound system, we decided to purchase one, moving quickly as a team to transport, test and install the system in the conference venue. This will make the field much more flexible in our choice of location and effective in our costs for years to come!

During General Conference in Nürnberg, we had a great move of God, in different ways each service. Bro. Art Wilson from Michigan preached an anointed and prophetic message that only God could have worked out. Bro. Wilson taught a men’s session and Sis. Wilson a women’s session the next morning, ministering wonder-fully in the power of the Holy Ghost. That night, Bro. Nathan Harrod preached a powerful healing service where 17 people were healed from everything from deaf-ness to back pain to Parkinson’s disease! Praise God! The next day, Bro. Juan Ne-gron and Bro. Harrod led a powerful youth service in worship (see left) and word! During the other services Bro. Lee Stoneking preached to the churches and the saints of the German speaking na-tions, giving insight and encouragement to everyone present, and several re-ceived the Holy Ghost! We were also honored to have Bro. Tuttle and Bro. Howell with us as well. This was a life-changing conference!

Since General Conference, we have begun to go out in Munich and vicinity evangelizing, handing out some newly updated tracts and put-ting up posters, matching a mailer we will be sending out this coming week. We are planning a special Pentecost service, which these promote, and are praying that the visitors that we have invited will have a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ! Please keep us in your prayers!

Prayer Requests and Financial Needs

  • Contact to hungry souls Munich!
  • Direction in mailers, flyers, posters and newspaper ads!
  • Unity among all churches in the German Speaking Nations!
  • Miracles, signs and wonders in Munich!
  • Anointed Bible studies, services and outreach!

Mitch and Jutta Sayers
Pentecostals of Munich Unterschleissheim, Germany Missionary Project 89207

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