Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nigerian Update

Dear Partners in Missions:

The Nigerian Church is experiencing explosive growth. The National Church had a 34% increase in constituents in 2013, growing from 7,835 members to 10,511.  How does it happen? Let me share a few testimonies of what God is doing.

Two Bible school students were invited to minister in a village church. At the end of the service they baptized 28 and 11 received the Holy Spirit.

One newly licensed pastor started a village church and baptized 31 people in one year.  They had no church building and no PA equipment, but that did not stop them. They worshipped under an old fashioned brush arbor.

One of our pastors went down to the river to baptize two people. While there, a man was giving swimming lessons to a group of people. The swim club took an interest in the baptism and began to ask questions of our pastor. A two hours of teaching, pastor baptized 21 including the swimming instructor.

A May 2013 enrollee at the Bible school received a revelation of One God and baptism in Jesus Name. He was baptized by the Bible school principal and then carried the message to his home church. To date he has baptized 9 pastors in his fellowship and 177 church members. He applied for and received a ministerial license in May 2014.

A Bible school student was asked to fill the pulpit at a denominational church while they searched for a pastor. The student baptized 53 people in eight months.

The Book of Acts proclaimed that “God adds to the Church daily such as should be saved.” It is clearly still happening in Nigeria.

Our continued thanks to all who have supported us over the years.  We also want to express our appreciation for all who took us on as a Partner in Missions on our recent deputation. Because of your faithfulness we were able to complete deputation in 7 months.

Yours for souls in Nigeria,
Gerry and Darla McLean

Global Missions Board Member, Rev. Mark Parker, 
from Oklahoma City, OK baptizing at the
General Conference.

Our deputation video is available for viewing at: 

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