Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tolstad/Uganda Update

Dear Partners and Friends,

We greet you from the Pearl of Africa!

God is moving in a great way. The first two weeks of April we have officially opened two new Regions in the United Apostolic Church of Uganda. Opened the "Wamalla Region". It comprises of several Districts in the central and southern part of Uganda. Then in Hoima, on the border with the DRC (Congo) as we opened the "Lake Albert Region".  There are some very excited pastors as they plan to evangelize their new regions. We are receiving exciting reports as they start new branches, churches and evangelize in the trading centers. At one seminar last week, two pastors were baptized and two more are expected to be baptised later next week.

In the Wamalla Region, we installed Pastor Nyansio Habimana as the Presbyter. Around  21 churches in this new area. We expect to see many more in the near future. With the pouring rain, the pastors still came and gathered to rejoice and make their plans to start new churches, set goals and organize themselves to reach the lost with the Gospel. There was a great spirit of Unity as the pastors and the folks who gathered worshiped, danced, shouted and praised God! What an awesome experience to see people so excited to be able to do the work of God!

In the Lake Albert Region pastors meeting, we again installed the officers and leaders for the new Region. Pastor Richard Asanide is the new Presbyter.  We taught a lesson on leadership. As I finished my lessons, I was amazed ( again!!) as they wanted to have a service, after several hours of "Church" then we were not done! We went to an open air meeting at the Trading Center. We stopped all business in the center as people blocked the road and enjoyed three sermons (One wasn't enough), choirs, singing and worship  Three people came from that open air service to the Sunday Service and were baptized and received the Holy Ghost!  A total of eight received the Holy Ghost and seven were baptized. As the service was concluding, plans were being made to go back to the trading center for another open air meeting! Such joy!!  to do the work of God!

As people were testifying about receiving the Holy Ghost and their healing's, four told of seeing an Angel walking in front of them as we were praying for them. One lady had a crippled leg, and as she was being prayed for she saw the Angel and felt an anointing, ( a feeling from the top of her head all the way to the bottom of her feet), she was instantly healed! As she was testifing she showed her healing by dancing and shouting all over the front on the Church!

We have finished construction on a Church house in the north, trusting God that we can finish two others this month. We thank you so much for your help in building church houses. Not only is it a tremendous blessing to the church people, but it brings a great growth as people know, the UACU is there to stay!  The Church in Ogolo is in a very remote area, very close to the South Sudan border. It is the first permanent church in the area/village. Even the Catholics worship under a tree and are very jealous and said they would attend the Apostolic Church for Easter!

Bible School is starting soon, the building is completed, just a few things to finish.  We need help!  If you would like to help us with sponsoring a young pastor to study the word of God, it would be a great blessing to them. $250 will sponsor a student for one semester.  Many of these young men struggle to find enough money to come to school. Project # 103.FA.033215.21.2114. - 114

I reported last month that we could not baptize some folks in Boliso II village, due to the drought. We have been praying for the rain so we can baptize them!  last week 46 where baptized in Jesus Name! Presbyter Dison is going back to baptize fifty some more, they couldn't get to the Service due to the RAIN and muddy roads and the flooding!

Two pastors baptized and churches joined the fellowship of the UACU the Saturday before Easter! Help us pray as we are traveling in May to three Apostolic Doctrine seminars at the churches of Pastor that want to know more of this Saving Doctrine!

We have a special need, we have the opportunity to purchase a plot of land in Lira Town, the central city in northern Uganda. Our Church is willing and able to build their building, but isn't able to purchase the land, if you can help us, it would be a great blessing !!     Project # 103 FA 033215 21 2112 114

Lira Town was one of the Areas that was targeted by the Lords Resistance Army  and Joseph Kony and saw so much suffering and fighting. It now is the center of our Revival in the North!
We want to thank you all for your faithfulness in praying for Uganda and Sis Tolstad and myself. We covet your prayers.

Phil and Twyla Tolstad

Altar at Lake Albert

Classroom for Bible School

Pastor Fred  Kukumbuka (on right)  preaching at Open Air in Swahili, interpreted by Bro Asanide into Luganda

General Board of the United Apostolic Church of Uganda

Leaders of the New Albert Region

Children's Sunday School Choir in Mubende

Open Air

Sis Winnie Mumbejja Wayesu, a trinity pastor who was baptized and received the Holy Ghost!

Open Air in Lake Albert

Motorcycles for Our New Regional  Presbyters

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