Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Exciting News from the Phelps Family

"Jesus loves me - this I know - for the Bible tells me so"
January-March 2014


Mukama Yebazibwe! (Luganda)
Bwana Asifiwe! (Swahili) Paco Rwot! (Luo)
Meaning: Praise God!
Lots to say, but pictures can say a thousand words! Enjoy!

Can any man forbid water...?

Some had waited 2-3 years to be baptized in this remote village when we arrived last weekend to teach and preach truth!  It layed heavy on our hearts and felt that no matter the cost it had to be done.  The village could only gather three jerry cans of water - but not enough water to baptize.  The nearest water is 25 kilometers away - too far for a people with no way to get there.  Solution: Rent a truck and carry them to Lake Victoria!  What a huge miracle to these people who desperately wanted salvation! With our sound system in tow, music blared through each village as we passed creating excitement and joy! Evangelism at best! What kept them was such a simple thing and is easily taken for granted: water and transportation!  For only $60 we were able to make a dream come true! Amazingly, 54 were baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus! Thank you Lord for allowing us to be your helpers in this miracle! Thanks to faithful givers - you were part of this miracle too!

BREAKING GROUND: Bible School Building Project in Progress!

In January, 2014 we began the building program to build the Apostolic Bible College of Uganda. Starting with an approximate 1500 sq. ft. building, we are hoping to begin the first semester of Bible School this May, but we need your help and definitely need your prayers! 

Sponsor a Apostolic Bible College Student for One Semester for only $200.00!

Here's your chance to change a life by helping one or more students to become the man or woman God has called them to be!

We also need to purchase desks, white boards, chairs, materials to print text books and much more! Interested in being a part?  Please do not hesitate to respond to this email:

God bless you!
Steve, Yvette, Aaron and Kevin

Missionary Phelps preaching at Headquarters church!

Our container arrived in January! Happy Day!
Many have been baptized!

54 Baptisms in Lake Victoria


Laying on of hands!

Bricks for the Bible School

The First Corner of the Bible School

Walls going up!

Further Along!

More pictures to come in next newsletter!


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