Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dibbles D-Gram

"GET IN THE BOAT" was the theme during this month's crusades on Pohnpei, FSM (left), Saipan, CNMI (right), and Guam, USA. The genuine article lifeboat Mike and Vickie Oliver brought with them was an appropriate object lesson tool to relate to all our beautiful Micronesia and Mariana islanders! What a time we had! After the Olivers ministered over ten days, the Lord filled 107 souls with the precious Holy Ghost! left  Our gracious hosts (Pohnpei) Pastor Loriano Martin/family with the Olivers. below left Children offer the Olivers a warm island welcome. below GET IN THE BOAT! right Vickie Oliver and Kelley with Widow Williams who, with her husband, the late Rev. Dherry Williams, pastores the original work on Saipan. Many years of labor the the Kingdom are coming to fruition as seen in Sister William's joyous countenance! below NINE received the Holy Ghost on Saipan! Thank you, Brother and Sister Oliver, for every sacrifice you made to come work with us this month in Micronesia (West)! Love and appreciate you!

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