Monday, December 9, 2013

From Georgia with Love


Merry Christmas
Wishing you and your family a warm remembrance.

December is the time of year we put special attention on the birth of Jesus Christ. Many this time of year will cry out about "Paganism" and blah...blah...blah... Well, I'm not here to have a discussion on the validity of the holiday, but rather the gratitude of the holiday. We want to express our gratitude first to Jesus Christ, and secondly to you. This will be the last Christmas in Georgia that we will have for a while. As you know we are entering in to the fourth year of our term. Time has gone so fast. Its hard to believe three years have already gone. Thank you for making all of this possible, and as the song says "We want to wish you a merry Christmas from the bottom of our hearts"...

We love and appreciate all of you. Merry Christmas from us to you.

Tbilisi lights up for the holiday season. 

The real reason we celebrate this season.

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