Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Africa Network of Prayer

December Calendar Events

30 Nov          LIBERIA      National Board Meeting
01 Dec          LIBERIA      National Leaders' Meeting
05-06 Dec     GHANA      Special revival services with Evangelist Brian Norman (USA)
06-09 Dec     KENYA       National Youth Convention
07 Dec           KENYA       Prayer and Fasting throughout the Nation
07 Dec           GHANA      National Elections for new President.  Pray for peaceful elections.
07-08 Dec     NIGERIA    National Bible School Graduation Services
08 Dec          TOGO        National Board meeting and 2013 Planning Session
08 Dec           ZIMBABWE    Matebeleland Youth Rally
09 Dec           EQUATORIAL GUINEA    Ladies' Activities
09 Dec           MADAGASCAR     Barnabas Men's Seminar in Region D-Section 1
09-16 Dec     GHANA     "Tools of the Harvest" Seminars in Central & Ashanti/Brong Ahafo regions
13 Dec            EQUATORIAL GUINEA      Ladies' Meeting  
13-15 Dec      LIBERIA     Year End Revival at Bethlehem Star UPC / Section IV
13-16 Dec      KENYA      South Rift Ladies' Convention in Londiani
13-16 Dec      NIGERIA    Akwa Ibon State Convention
14-15 Dec      SWAZILAND    Evangelistic Crusade
15 Dec            BENIN     National Board meeting
16 Dec            EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Youth Fellowship
16 Dec            SWAZILAND    Installation of First National Superintendent
23 Dec            EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Youth Fellowship
23 Dec            KENYA      National Ladies' Day
27 Dec            EQUATORIAL GUINEA     Ladies Fellowship
27-30 Dec      TOGO     National Conference and Bible school graduation
28 Dec-01 Jan '13       SWAZILAND     End of Year Youth Conference
30 Dec             EQUATORIAL GUINEA    Youth Fellowship
06 Jan '13        EQUATORIAL GUINEA    Thanks Giving Day

04 Dec    AFRICA REGION     Pray for Africa's Children
14 Dec    GLOBALLY   Pray for the French-speaking nations of the Africa Region and around the world


LIBERIA - Pray for the National Youth Leadership Visitation (Section VI) which will take place in December, also for the youth of UPC Liberia for their faithfulness and for a desire for evangelism to continue among them.

We also ask prayer for the following:
* for Missionary Albert Stewart that the Lord will give them strength and good health to continue their work with the UPC of Liberia 
* for continuous unity and teamwork among the leaders of UPC Liberia 
* for Pastor Jacob Vah and family who have recently moved to Zordee Mission, for strength, courage and a financial breakthrough to maintain the mission 
* for the ministry to get more involved in Bible School Education and training programs  * for Section VI pastors as they prepare themselves for the mantle of leadership in that section.

EQUATORIAL GUINEA - Bro. Peter Mua requests prayer for his upcoming trip to Cameroon and for his safe return.  Pray for his family and his church while he is away.

GHANA - There will be many revival services taking place all over the country during the month of December.  Join with us in praying for these outreach endeavors.

SOUTH SUDAN - We ask for continued prayer for Church Growth and political stability, and also asking for prayer for Groves family as they travel back to North America for their deputation.


LIBERIA - During the recent National Youth Conference in November, a lady who believes she was poisoned a couple of years ago has suffered with her stomach sometimes severely.   During one evening's evangelistic services, she went to the altar for prayer. After the service, she vomited up a odorous black fluid.  Later she testified of a complete healing.   Thank God, He is still the Great Physician and the healer of all diseases.

SWAZILAND - The United Pentecostal church of Swaziland had its annual Outreach Sunday on November 25th during which many homes were visited for the purpose of sharing the Good News of salvation.  Initial reports received from local assemblies indicate that the outreach was a great success judging by the warmth with which our people were received.  We are looking forward to welcoming new visitors in the coming weeks.  We praise God for His grace.

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