Friday, November 16, 2012

Hello from Korea

Today, as I contemplate what stories to share from my life here in Korea, I find that the first thing my fingers itch to type is a list of prayer requests for the nation, so here goes:

-Pray for a sweet grandmother who fairly recently began attending our church. Due to pressure from her family over the holidays, she has stopped attending.

-Pray for wisdom and direction for the church leadership.

-Pray for the upcoming national elections.  

-Pray for the new AIMer recently arrived in Korea. She will be here for six months.

-Pray for the Bible college.

-Pray for the children, young people, and young adults in the Korean church. (and adults!)

-Pray regarding standards of holiness, inside and out.

-Pray for favor amongst the people of Korea.

The days are passing so quickly, and I often find myself shocked when I look at the calendar. I am grateful to God for the fulness which fills my days. I have made many new friends and have seen the "growth moments" in the lives of people with whom I go to church. I am thankful for this, even as I ache for more (myself included). The best is yet to come, and I rejoice in this fact.

Look for more updates from my life in Korea in my next post

Thank you for sharing in this with me!

God bless,

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Unknown said...

Sis. Heather, I'm praying for your Ministry.

Bro. Don