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Africa Network of Prayer, November

November Calendar Events

01 Nov       MADAGASCAR    Children's day in Ambohidratrimo (SS Division)
01 Nov       CONGO (DRC)       Kinshasa Prayer Emphasis-praying for Unity
01-02 Nov  MADAGASCAR    Married PKs' Seminar in Ampandrana
                                      Guest Speakers: Monte & Dianne Showalter
01-03 Nov  MAURITIUS           National Ladies Retreat
01-03 Nov  REUNION               First National Ladies Conference
01-03 Nov  GABON                   Prayer & Fasting
02 Nov       CONGO (DRC)       Kinshasa Prayer Emphasis-Praying for Nat'l Board
02-04 Nov  CONGO (DRC)       Opening of a new church in Musevu Mayi, Western Kasai
03 Nov       ZIMBABWE           Sunday School Outing
03 Nov       CONGO (DRC)       Youth meetings in each district of Kinshasa
04 Nov       CONGO (DRC)       Evangelism Harvest in Eastern Kasai
05-07 Nov  CAMEROON          Minister's and Wives Conference
07-09 Nov  MADAGASCAR    Marriage seminar Region E
07-10 Nov  LIBERIA                 National Youth Conferece
08-11 Nov  CAMEROON          National Convention
08-11 Nov  KENYA                    River Yala Revival in Lukhari
09-11 Nov  NIGERIA                 Delta State Convention
09-11 Nov  BURKINA FASO    First Crusade in Bobo Dioulasso
10 Nov       CONGO (DRC)       Ministries' Leadership training meeting in Katanga East
10 Nov       CONGO (DRC)       Apostolic Men's Meeting in the districts of Kinshasa
11 Nov       CONGO (DRC)       Evangelism Harvest in Kasai Oriental
14-17 Nov  KENYA                   Evangelism Board and Seminar
14-16 Nov          GABON                   National Board Retreat
15 Nov       CONGO (DRC)       Ladies Meetings in each of the 3 districts of Kinshasa
16 Nov       LIBERIA                 Section II, Pastors' meeting
16-18 Nov  MAURITIUS          Evangelistic Crusade at RocheBondieu, Rodrigues
17 Nov       BURKINA FASO   Ministers' Kids Event
17 Nov       CONGO (DRC)      Children's Crusade and Teachers' training in Kinshasa Province
18-21 Nov  UGANDA                Mt. Elgon Regional Conference
21-24 Nov  KENYA                   National Board Meeting
22-24 Nov  LIBERIA                 National Sunday School Workshop and Visitation
22-25 Nov  KENYA                   Mt. Kenya Ladies' Convention in Kangemaga
22-25 Nov  UGANDA                Lake Victoria Regional Conference
23-24 Nov  ZIMBABWE          Midlands Conference
24 Nov       CONGO (DRC)      Kinshasa Provincial Board Meeting
24 Nov       GABON                   Youth Day
25 Nov       LIBERIA                Pastor's appreciation service at Victory Tabernacle
25 Nov       CONGO (DRC)      Communion services in the local churches of Kinshasa
25 Nov       ZIMBABWE          Big Sunday (Midlands) at Amaveni Kwekwe
29 Nov-01 Dec    KENYA         National Crusade in Nakuru
28 Nov-02 Dec    GABON         National Conference
30 Nov       LIBERIA                National Leaders' Meeting


04 Nov   AFRICA REGION     Pray for Africa's Children
14 Nov   GLOBALLY   Pray for the French-speaking nations of the

Africa Region and Around the World

Over 3,000 have died this year already from malaria in Burkina. Pray for our village pastors and their families. With threats of kidnaping just 3 hours north of our home and armed bandits moving around the south, we are feeling some uneasiness in Burkina. With Islamic militants being active in Mali, we are feeling the need to work harder while the doors are still open here.

I just returned from a weekend in the village. God has been good. We had revival services with Living Life Christian Ministries (Oneness Pentecostal) over the weekend, and I had three hours with their leadership on Saturday. 9 received the Holy Ghost and 10 were healed. Glory be to God!   

We request prayer for the safe arrival of our National Superintendent, Steven Benda, on Nov. 2nd from his trip to the United States and the General Conference in St. Louis, MO.

This year's final National Board Meeting was different from the normal board meetings that are normally held each year.  This time it included some special leadership training sessions brought by Missionary Monte Showalter.  The National Board expressed that it was the best meeting they had ever had and left challenged to do more to see greater revival throughout the island nation of Madagascar.  Sis. Dianne Showalter also had a few special sessions for the board wives, and they too were encouraged and challenged to help their husbands work even harder in the responsibilities they have been elected to fulfill.  Business was also accomplished with several new church properties being purchased, assistance to several churches to finish putting a roofs on new church buildings before the rainy season sets in, and even assistance for some churches to help them begin building a new building before long.  The ultimate goal is to eventually have land and buildings for every established UPC congregation all around Madagascar.  Thank the Lord for continued growth and revival!

Pray for new church opening on the island of Rodrigues at AnseQuitor Corail.  There were eight people who received the Holy Ghost during recent crusade at this new location.  One was baptized, and there were twenty first-time visitors.  Also, pray for all workers and their wives.  Pray for AIMer Sister Ikerd. She needs prayer in regard to her "Visa Situation"

Needing prayer for the establishing of new strong churches, also for continued Leadership Training.  Please continue to pray for peace and stability in the country.

During the recent West Nile Conference, there were 78 filled with the Holy Ghost and 17 were baptized in Jesus Name. Two Trinitarian pastors are having Bible Studies. We also had testimonies of many healings. Assisntant Superintendent Christia and Presbyter Mike Ogwal were special speakers.

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