Thursday, June 21, 2012

Republic of Georgia Update

This Month:
This month has been a very emotional month here in Tbilisi. We have had a mix of everything from growth to persecution. Our International church continues to grow, with record attendances of 32 on Sundays. This is amazing considering just one month ago this church did not exist. We have also been asked (or told) by our neighbors that we are not welcome to meet in the facility that we have. They are threatening to call the police. There are two main reasons for this. One is that we are not Georgian Orthodox, and the second is that most of our church is black. We are looking for space, but no one will rent to us because we aren’t Orthodox. I am looking at a few buildings this month to purchase, but we do not have the money. Our building funds are set at 200,000. If you can contribute anything towards to help the persecuted but growing church here, we would be eternally grateful.

Prayer Focus:
Grace and boldness in the face of persecution
A facility or the funds to purchase one
Continued growth
Organization for the growth

More from This month:
On the up side, we have had 4 baptized and receive the Holy Ghost, and average 3 visitors a week. We are also having a great move in the Georgian church. Last month, a young lady was healed from cysts on her ovaries. We are also starting to see visitors come to our Georgian house churches. Pray for us as we grow.

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