Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miracle in Georgia

Dear Friends,

I wanted to send you all a quick note to thank you personally for your prayers. Today, Kim and I went to look for buildings. We were in need of a great miracle due to the difficult situations that we mentioned in our last newsletter. We took a great leap of faith in this because we do not have the money for such thinking. There is a building that I have had my eye on since we arrived here in Georgia, and so I arranged to go and view it. The owner was asking 200,000 dollars, but as we looked over the place, I felt that God was going to do something great for us. The owner made a statement that surprised me. She said, “Oh, I like you all so much I would give this building to you if I could. How about I let you have it rent free till January, then you pay 600 dollars a month for three years, and if you want to buy it then, I will sell it to you for 90,000 dollars. I was blown away. God had just opened the door for us. She is going to clear this with the Co-owner, and on the fifth of June, we will most likely take possession of a building that is 4,5000 square feet. God is so good to us. Thank you so much for all  of your prayers. There is still much work to be done. The building is not renovated, and we will have a lot of construction ahead of us. I thank God that we are able to have the opportunity for such a work though. If you are thinking about a missions trip and have construction experience, look no further. We could use all the help. We will, of course, begin work immediately, but the real work will probably not begin until July sometime. Also, keep praying that God would provide the 90,000 dollars for the final purchase of this property . Thank you once again for your prayers, love and support.

Your missionaries to Georgia,
Jared, Kim, Emma, Laurissa, Jaida, and Shiloh Staten

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