Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finland's Intercessor Team

Prayer Focus
The Mark Alphin Family

UPCI Missionaries, FINLAND 
February 2012

Thank you for supporting us in either prayer, finance, or both.

Spiritual Warfare Training in Progress!
Today begins the yearly "talvi loma" (winter holiday) here in Finland. School is dismissed, and many people take time from work to go skiing. The weather is currently perfect for it, as we've had a steady snowfall and a good bit of accumulation on top of the snow that had already gathered since the beginning of January. While we're enjoying the beauty of it all, our family is not taking a holiday.

On Sunday the 19th, we began a series of DVD studies on spiritual warfare, and we will continue that teaching throughout this week. We sincerely thank Antioch, the Apostolic Church and Pastor David Wright for blessing us with DVD's from their recent "Call to War" seminar. The material is revelatory, and we are using this tool to further our understanding of prayer.

Puhekieli versus Kirjakieli
We've completed a month of level two language class and our studies are really starting to get interesting. We've learned that Finnish "puhekieli" (spoken language) is much different than the written (kirjakieli), in that many words are shortened in order to make speaking much easier. Our course book has introduced this new phenomenon, and we're finding that it's much like learning two different languages at once!

If you are interested in hearing a little bit of what we are learning, is a Christian radio station that will give you a taste of both Finnish language and music. We've been playing it in our home, trying to become accustomed to hearing sentence structures, word usages, etc. We also purchased Finnish/English Bibles and use those to help us become accustomed to reading out loud. Here is a sample: "Niin Pietari sanoi heille: "Tehkää parannus ja ottakoon kukin teistä kasteen Jeesuksen Kristuksen nimeen syntienne anteeksisaamiseksi, niin te saatte Pyhän Hengen lahjan." (Apostolien teot 2:38 - Acts 2:38) The learning process will not be an easy one, but we know that God is our help! We appreciate your prayers for understanding and clarity. 


Language Study and Contacts 
Mark, Glenda, and Candace are in Suomi level 2. Miranda is in level 1. In addition to expanding our knowledge of the language, our circle of contact possibilities is widening. We have initiated a Finnish study group and have already had one meeting. As of now, all contacts are only interested in studying the language. However, we know that with God's help, that can change!

Pray for studies: clarity of thought, illumination of understanding, bind and remove confusion, loose a covering of peace

Pray for contacts: continued boldness in meeting new people, curiosity in others to cause them to reach out to us, hunger for God
Associates in Missions
One individual has submitted his application for Finland.

Pray for budgetary finances, timing of trip; our ability to adequately prepare for their arrival 

Interpreter Needed 
A family is interested in visiting our Home Group, but feels that they do not know enough English to do so. It will be a good amount of time before we can adequately speak the language well enough to hold a meeting in Finnish. Hence, we need God to send us someone who understands our message, follows it, and is willing to help us.
Pray for God to supply the right person - He knows exactly who and what we need!

Prayer for Finns 
(From Glenda, 2/20/12) This morning as I was seeking God's will in how to pray for the Finnish people, God provided some direction that I want to share with you.
  •  For them to be saved from the enemy's grasp - plead blood covering over those who are searching for Him
  •  That they would find Truth within the Word of God
  •  That they would be baptized in Jesus' Name and filled with the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in tongues
  •  That they would live an overcoming life
  •  That they would share Him with others
  •  That they would be with Him in Heaven
 Our family has been praying for TEAM FINLAND. May God bless all of you!
Mark, Glenda, Miranda, and Candace

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