Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Unquenchable Revival: Update from the Robinettes

We are seeing great apostolic revival 
in every church, city & nation!

It was such a joy to be back in Malawi along with A-Team leaders Bro. Garlitz and team members, Bro. Zimmerman, Bro. Hurley, Bro. Anderson, Bro. Ackah, Bro. Gordon & Bro. Wright. We were so excited to work alongside Bro. & Sis. Gibbs &; all the national leadership of Malawi for a great harvest of souls! God filled over 400 with the Holy Ghost; there were many baptized in Jesus name and many miracles. We thank the Lord for His mighty power!

We returned to Germany & Austria a few weeks ago for the UPC General Business meetings and were so happy to also be back with our church in Vienna! On Sunday, God filled 4 people with the Holy Ghost!

In our tent revival in Vienna a few days prior to our return to the field, God filled another 2 with the Holy Ghost in the park. We thank God for the hard work of Bro. Merritt & Bro. Ackah who did such an outstanding job!

In the last 3 weeks of service in the USA:
  • God has filled over 60 with the Holy Ghost!
  • 12 were baptized in Jesus name!
  • A man who had been seeking the Holy Ghost for 30 years was immediately filled!
  • A 10-year-old deaf boy was miraculously healed when God filled him with the Holy Ghost!
Thank you to every pastor that opened their church/pulpit to us, prepared for a harvest & gave so sacrificially to get us back to the German speaking nations!

Rev. & Mrs. Charles Robinette
UPC General Superintendent

twitter: REVCGRobinette

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