Friday, November 11, 2011

Newsletter from the Republic of Georgia

United Pentecostal Church of Georgia  

Kiev Ministers Conference:
This month Pastor Kote, Rev. Irakle Toria, and I were blessed to attend the area ministers conference in Kiev, Ukraine. It was such a blessing to see all of our brothers representing the former Soviet Union gathered together in worship of the one true living God. Pastor Woodward of Canada ministered to our hearts, and God renewed our strength. We were deeply touched by the worship and ministry this year and look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

Faith Promise:
After  talking with Pastor Kote about trying to raise funds for building our new facility, I was surprised when he held a faith promise service the following Sunday. Pastor Kote knows nothing about faith promise, but he approached the church with the need and they responded in faith. Every person that gave in the building fund received raises or new jobs. God has multiplied the gift they gave in faith. 

Still building:
I would like to bring to you attention our building fund. Right now, we have been given 16,737 square feet of land to build on. Unfortunately, our building fund has about $900 in it the last time I checked. I am praying that God would move 400 people to give $100 towards our building fund. This would build our Bible school, as well as our headquarters church in Tbilisi. The church here raised an unprecedented $500. With 80% unemployment that is a miracle. Imagine what you could do without to see the kingdom grow. I pray that God would touch your heart again with the need of your brothers and sisters in Georgia. I thank you for being apart of what we are doing here in Georgia, and thank you for all of your support and prayers.

Jared Staten

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